What Is Internet Marketing – Generate Your Traffic With Google and Yahoo

When you seek answers to “what is Internet marketing” you need to start at the beginning – how do you get traffic to your website? Better still, how do you get FREE traffic to your website?

According to recent studies, 70% of all traffic is generated Buy Google Reviews through two main search engines, i.e. Google and Yahoo. Search engine optimization rules keep changing with these search engines, which is why you need to continuously monitor and fine-tune your marketing strategy to stay on the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

This new equation has redefined many answers to the question “what is Internet marketing.” Even though submission to Yahoo costs $299 annually, any website would need to score high on Google ranking to enjoy a good value on Yahoo. This means that you need to optimize your website for Google ranks to score high on Yahoo. This is because the search engines have begun to look more for quality information rather than just keywords. Quality content has never been as important as today for search engines.

Sitelinks, those hyperlinks that appear beneath the main link in ads on Google, have been a part of Google AdWords and an important consideration in website development and SEO marketing since 2009. And while what Google calls “enhanced sitelinks” aren’t yet available for everyone, they give a good idea of where sitelinks are likely heading. More on enhanced sitelinks shortly.

Since they were first introduced to Google AdWords, sitelinks have been a good way for advertisers to increase their visibility with additional information and links to other pages. Sitelinks also make an ad more prominent by increasing its physical dimensions to accommodate the additional information.

Google estimates the average clickthrough rate for ads with sitelinks is about 30% higher than for those without. And there’s no question they’ve been a valuable addition to Google AdWords campaigns allowing advertisers to showcase more products and services and giving users more options to choose from. Properly configured, sitelinks can be a valuable tool to use in any SEO marketing campaign.

For do-it-yourselfers, sitelinks can be enabled in Google AdWords under the “Ad Extensions” tab of a campaign. Up to 10 sitelinks can be created, with Google displaying as many as six of those on searches from a computer or tablet and up to eight on mobile devices.

Because Google automatically selects what sitelinks are displayed based on what it determines are the most relevant to a particular search, knowing how to optimize sitelinks can make the difference between whether they do a little, a lot or nothing at all to drive business to a site and search engine optimization. And while anyone with a Google AdWords account can create them, working with an SEO marketing professional usually gets the best results.