Best natural skin care tips

Have you ever thought about the fact that during the earliest times , there was no makeup products or skincare products? Yet, the women of that time were flawless and had the best skin, as well as cosmetics to make makeup by themselves. They appeared stunning because they knew some magical secrets of ingredients that nowadays are available in every kitchen. We are now aware of these secrets and we’re eager to give them to you.

What spices can be used in beauty for purposes?

We got used to think that spices were only created to make appetizing dishes But now we realize that they’re also utilized in order to make our skin look beautiful, without spending a large amount of money on expensive cosmetics. Spices are full of anti-oxidants which give wonderful taste and aroma, and also useful qualities. If you combine them with correct ingredients and regularly apply them to your skin, you’ll get amazing results. Spices can make your skin gorgeous without any harm or side effects. They are so gentle that they can be used even on sensitive skin. So there is no need to shop for costly cosmetics when you are able to make them yourself and ensure that they’re safe.

Recipes for home-cooked skin care using spices


Anti-oxidant contained in turmeric is called curcumin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities. If it is ingested the blood, it cleans it and assists buy turmeric soap in helping maintain healthy skin from within. It is very effective in combating free radicals. Skin looks younger; it’s healthier and youthful. Also it gives the possibility to prevent or get rid of any kind of blemishes and inflammations.

Beauty recipes with turmeric

  1. Use turmeric paste or powder (it can be found in both forms) and mix it with sandalwood powder. Apply it to your face. It’s highly effective if you suffer from acne, pimples or acne-related blemishes. It can cool the skin, so it’s perfect to use this mask during summer because it will provide double effects. If you apply the mask systematically, your tone of skin will become more vibrant.
  2. If you need to receive an effect of whitening the skin and to eliminate dead cells, you need to combine milk, lemon juice, flour, and turmeric. Then apply the paste to your skin. Then, wait until it is dry and then wash your face. It’s an amazing peeling effect.
  3. If you want to eliminate facial hair, then you can mix turmeric powder and lemon juice. However, you must be cautious in case you are allergic to lemon.


Cinnamon is an excellent choice for people looking to receive smooth tone of skin and forget about pimples since it has an antibacterial effect.

Beauty recipes using cinnamon

  1. If you’re experiencing problems with hair loss, then combine honey with cinnamon powder in equal amounts and rub this paste on your scalp. keep it there for at most thirty minutes , then shampoo your hair properly.
  2. If you’re suffering from pimples issues, you must immediately prepare a paste of honey and cinnamon powder. Then apply it to any problem areas for twenty minutes. Pimples and little scars after it’s removed will disappear.
  3. If you are looking to shed weight, boil the mixture of cinnamon and honey. consume it in the morning as well as in the evening before going to go to bed. It will effectively burn the fat that is in your body.


The use of cloves was once used by dentist in order to get anti-bacterial effects. It is found in the composition of many cleanser products and soaps and is highly efficient in treating pimples. It provides your skin with an appealing tone and cleanses your pores effectively.

Beauty recipes with clove

  1. If you are suffering from pimples or acne, you need to make a paste from cloves and fullers earth and include rose water in it. The paste is then applied on your face and left for ten minutes. There won’t be any itching or irritation anymore as the skin is relaxed.
  2. Apply the clove paste to troublesome places (on pimples) before you go to bed, and then wash it off at dawn. This treatment will eliminate pimples or will help to diminish them.


Pepper improves blood circulation and is beneficial to skin, as it makes it younger and stops premature aging and also useful for scalp hair, as it stimulates hair growth. But if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid it because it may cause irritation and allergy.

Beauty recipes with pepper

  1. If you want to get rid of pimples then you should apply black pepper on the difficult areas.
  2. To cure hair loss and to keep your hair shining, it is recommended to mix pepper with curd and apply the treatment to hair for thirty minutes and after that, wash it thoroughly. Your hair will look healthier and develop faster.